Skincare is our job. Back in 1988 a team of dermatologists obtained the formulation for the Maschera al Ferro®(iron mask), from a french chemist expert in dermatological research. This became the first-ever patented physiological treatment for use in the professional beauty industry.

Ever since then the company has been actively involved in dermatological and scientific research in order to create "cosmeceutical" products and methods of treatment to target blemishes, while still respecting the natural physiology of the skin.

Dermophisiologique adopts the unique scientific approach to offer the market a comprehensive range of products. Thousands of loyal customers attest to their quality and effectiveness. We provide beauty professionals with cosmetics bordering on medical science. These target the specific causes for imperfections and offer reliable and long-lasting results. 

Dermophisologique is free of:

  • Mineral oils
  • Petroleum derivates 
  • Synthetic dyes
  • Added parabens
  • Allergenic fragrances