Facial Upgrades


Specialty Masks




This luxurious powder mask is specially formulated with real diamond powder to provide intense moisturizing and hydration, visibly reduce pores, improved suppleness, detoxify and promote cell regeneration, and soothe skin from allergies. 



This luxurious powder mask is specially formulated with real gold to restore elasticity and suppleness, enhance cell regeneration, moisturize, and soothe the skin. 



This luxurious gel mask uses tea tree extract to moisturize and sooth tired skin from external irritation. It also infuses cornus fruit extract that gives a firming feel to the skin, making your skin look healthy 



This luxurious gel mask uses pearl extract which contains calcium carbonate. It will brighten your skin tone along with magnolia extract that will purify and help your skin glow and look clear. 



Stem Cell, Lifting, Hydrating, Magic Eyes, Sensitive, and Fruit Peel

An ampule is a liquid full of highly concentrated active ingredients such as vitamins and enzymes incased in a glass airtight vile. They are more potent than serums due to their molecular size. 


LED Light Therapy 

LS4W Side 2013-03-25_Web.jpg

Acne/Bacteria and Anti-Aging/Healing

LED light therapy delivers light energy in a similer way plants absorb energy from the sun. It is UV-free, emits beneficial light rays that energize and stimulate the body's natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells. There are two different LED light therapy devices, one for aging/healing and the other for acne. This treatment includes a specialty serum that's ingredients are shown to accelerate natural repair, fill in and smooth small wrinkles, and moisturize skin. 

* Included in aging and acne facials


Anti-Aging Hand Treatment


Cleanse, Scrub, Mask and Moisturizer

Many people when it comes to skin care forget about their hands. This treatment includes a cleanse, scrub, mask, and moisturizer. The mask contains 24k nano particles that have a catalytic function to effectively fight against free radicals that cause aging in the skin while still being anti-irritant.





Foot Treatment


Foot Cleanse, Massage, Scrub, and Mask

Erase all signs of wearing sandals in the Florida heat. This add on will not only be pain easing, but also gives a much needed rejuvenating treatment to your feet. 










Face, Eye, or Lip Treatment

Did you know that you can also add on a Perk treatment to spruce up your facial? Perk treatments include face, eyes, and lip. Click below to see our Perk page!