Amarte began in Korea in 1994 as a skin care initiative within a prestige dermatology clinic. One of the clinic members was particularly interested in skin care formulations for unmet clinical needs and developed a savant-level ability to produce incredibly different skin care products to address clinically relevant skin and overall aesthetic concerns. Her formulations were met with an incredibly positive response and her efforts led to an increasingly sophisticated and expansive product line.   Feedback from clinic patients and the dermatology community at large was resoundingly positive.

The key to understanding Korean skin care philosophy is to understand the legacy behind it. Koreans have among the longest documented historical civilized legacies in the world, dating back to 8000 BC. Skin care interest is recorded in its earliest writings and the Donguibogam, an ancient medicinal text, has an entire section (the Tangaekpyeon) on preparation and use of herbal ingredients including many for skin concerns. As a result, Korean culture reflects a deep passion for prolonging skin’s health and beauty, and this legacy has positioned it at the forefront of skin care technology.

Amarte devotes substantial creative and scientific resources to the development of fragrances, advocating several core principles:

  • Amarte is dedicated to safe and non-sensitizing fragrance ingredients, including natural fragrance extracts.

  • Amarte fragrances are designed to be ethereal and ephemeral. Our fragrance departs upon completion of product application. It does not linger on the skin.

  • Amarte fragrances are designed to add to the unique pleasure and indulgence of the Amarte skin care experience in a way that is tangible and universal. The beauty of Amarte’s use of fragrance is how unpretentious and natural it feels – adding subtle depth to moment without distracting from the larger skin care benefits.

The word amarte precisely translated means ‘to love you’. The Amarte icon is two interwoven hearts in harmony expressing Amarte’s motto - ‘Love yourself. Love your skin.’